Geek Shirt Thursday! Think Geek R2D2 Scrap Metal

July 22, 2010

I love Thursdays! I'm proudly wearing my Scrap Metal R2D2 shirt that I purchased from Think Geek. Star Wars shirts always get a lot of praise at my work. I got this shirt by luck from Think Geek for only $6! They had a random shirt sale and I ordered three. I was very satisfied with two of the three so I feel like I won out big time.

R2 is definitely the biggest (well technically smallest) hero in the Star Wars Saga. He's never a coward and beeps in the face of danger! I was going to say that this shirt is an ironic because R2 never gets ripped apart like 3PO or any limbs cut off like the Skywalkers. I feel his portrayal by Cleveland in Family Guy's Blue Harvest is spot on when he leans out the window of the Falcon and his arm comes out with a gun. He screams "YEA-HEAH!!! That's how we do it in my neighborhood, b****!" after blowing up some Tie Fighters.

If they re-release Star Wars again, they better include R2-D2 subtitle.

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