Video Game Shirt Friday: Team Mario!

July 24, 2010

This is a new shirt I picked up from JCPenny last week for only $9.99. That is a steal for being a Nintendo shirt. They are normally in the $20 range. Big fan of this shirt for several reasons.

  1. It's Blue. Most of my shirts are black and my wife likes me in blue. B. It's Mario. I only have a few Mario shirts. III. It says "Team Mario". I find this to be very much like the whole "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" fad with the Twilight series.

I really want to make a "Team Belmont" shirt. I haven't seen a retro Castlevania shirt and the totally wicked Belmont family of vampire hunters needs some attention during these dark times of sparkly vampires. I mean they fight vampires with whips! Freaking leather WHIPS! Maybe some day my hopes will be answered and I'll find an 8-bit Simon Belmont whipping a bedazzled 3D Edward Cullen tshirt... heck I'd buy two of those.

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