Geek Shirt Thursday: Bridges and Boxleitner

August 05, 2010

I have to admit, this is probably the most clever shirt I own. Obviously it's a fun copy of the Harley Davidson Logo. Lets face it. I'm probably the last person you'd ever see wearing H.D. apparel and look tough. I'd totally rock a light cycle though.

I picked this shirt up from in a $6 random t-shirt grab bag from along with Scrap Metal. I immediately knew it was a TRON based shirt. I will admit, I never saw TRON until recently. I've always wanted to watch it after I saw it was included in Kingdom Hearts II. I bought the movie on UMD in 2004 or 2005 and tried to watch it on a trip. The PSP screen stunk in direct light and I couldn't really watch any of the movie. I could hear it and have an idea what was going on, but had a hard time following it.

I plugged Tron into my Netflix movie queue in 2008 and it finally reached its way to the top of the list in spring 2010. I really enjoyed the movie. I recommend watching the movie after watching another movie from the early 1980s so that you can compare the special effects. Disney did a great job for the time and I can understand why this movie has a lot of respect in pop culture.

Unfortunately, this shirt is no longer available from Think Geek. I totally recommend this one if you are looking for a sweet TRON shirt/hoodie.

TRON: Legacy comes out in December this year and I'm going to proudly wear this shirt when I go to watch it.

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