Productive Keyboard Shortcuts

August 12, 2010

Over the last year or so I've been looking for quick and easy ways to become more productive while coding. After using WinSplit for a little bit, I learned that keyboard shortcuts are great way to quickly increase productivity.

I've compiled a list of shortcuts for the following programs: Visual Studio, Firefox, Outlook, and Windows 7

Visual Studio

Ctrl + k, Ctrl + d Format Document Great for quickly re-indenting HTML or XML
Ctrl + k, ctrl + c Comment Block of Text Works on everything except CSS
Ctrl + k, ctrl + u Uncomment Block of Text Same as above
Ctrl + Alt + L Moves cursor to solution explorere This can be really useful depending on how you have your directories set up.
Ctrl + Shift + b Builds Solution
Ctrl + W Window.CloseCurrentDocumentWindow Normally Ctrl + F4, but I remapped mine to be more like Firefox
Ctrl + tab or ctrl + shift + tab Navigate between tabs
Ctrl + t Open New Tab
Ctrl + w Close current Tab
Ctrl + k Set cursor to Search Box After doing this you can use Ctrl + Up or down to navigate through the different search types.
Ctrl + l Set cursor to address bar
Ctrl + d Bookmark Current Page
Ctrl + f Find
Ctrl + tab or ctrl + shift + tab Navigate between tabs
Ctrl + n New Message
Ctrl + r Reply
Ctrl + shift + r Reply to All
Ctrl + f Forward
Ctrl + i Navigate to Inbox
Ctrl + shift + tab Navigate to the left menu
**Windows 7**
Windows + Arrow Keys Move Window Kinda cool if you don't have Winsplit. Windows 7 only.
Ctrl + w Close current explorer window

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