My First Video Game Band – The Minibosses

September 14, 2010

Nothing makes me warm and fuzzy inside more than revisiting my childhood..... minus elementary school..... and middle school... and while we are at it jr high and highschool. OK, so lets just say video games. I loooooved playing video games when I was a kid. I still consider myself a kid at heart, but kid kid.

I love music. I always have. My Dad raised me on Billy Joel and he always played the guitar for the family. I figured out I really loved movie soundtracks when the Star Wars Special Editions were released. The first 10 CDs I owned were movie soundtracks. I use to listen to MIDI tracks from VG Music when I was in high school during programming class. I eventually stumbled across Overclocked ReMix. They had some cool techno remixes that kept me entertained for a few years. I eventually stumbled across a torrent that would change my life. They were called.... The Minibosses.

The Minibosses have songs from Contra, Megaman, Castlevania and may other awesome games. Their MP3s can be found easily and they are pretty open to P2P sharing.

If you have ever played Contra, checkout the video below and see for yourself.

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