Visual Studio C# Enum Switch Snippet - Blew My Mind

September 16, 2010

So I learned something TOTALLY COOL from a coworker today! I'm always excited about learning something new when it comes to coding.

I've frequently been in the situation where I've wanted to create a Switch statement while using enums.

So to start everything off create a generic class with an enum like this:

public class GenericClass {
    public enum ManyEnums {
        Foo, Bar, Huuuurk, Blah, FourtyTwo

    public void DoSomething(ManyEnums i) {


Inside of DoSomething type switch and then press tab. Something cool like this should automatically be generated:

While switch_on is highlighted, type i then press the down arrow. This should appear:

Blew my MIND! So much I skipped my lunch to do this blog post before I left work.

I was aware that a similar snippet existed in VB for property creation. It's pretty awesome getting to learn something new with something you've been using for a really long time!

If you are aware of any other useful snippets that are built into VisualStudio, shoot them my way so I can share them!

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