Zelda T-Shirt: +30 Nerd Cred

September 22, 2010

Dorkly.com is one of the many geek/dork/nerd blogs I subscribe to and actually read. Well today they posted up an article titled 7 Real Life Items and Their Stats that hits home for me. Yes, I own a several toy lightsabers and one of the expensive ForceFX sabers. This is what caught my attention:

Ok, big deal. Its a Zelda shirt. Well the Zelda shirt in the picture is the first video game shirt I ever bought and it started my awesome video game t-shirt collecting. I own like 4 Zelda shirts, a Zelda track jacket and a Hyrule hoodie so I must have +302 nerd cred. I don't care about the -10 girlfriend... I'm married and she buys me the stuff!

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