Trollolol - Why playing online multiplayer isn't fun anymore.

May 08, 2012

I know it's pretty much the norm that players rage on each other during games. I still consider myself fairly new to online gaming, but I don't think I'll ever get use to the unsportsmanlike behavior that happens online games. The first online game I ever played with other people was Starcraft 1 and I only played it with other friends. I pretty much stayed offline until I got an Xbox360 in November of 2009.

I played Halo 3, Halo Reach, and the Left 4 Dead series pretty extensively. Every once in a while I'd hear someone insult me on the score screen at the end of a match. Xbox live allow for easy blocking of voice chat. I got my feelings hurt every once in a while, but it was fairly easy to shrug off.

Battlefield 2 was the first PC game that I played online since Starcraft. I would typically play 32 vs 32 games so I wouldn't be the one blamed for losing a game. I really could care less if we won. You typically got decent points even if you lost the match. I really enjoyed playing it and I wont deny that I got a little addicted to it.

Last November, I picked up Starcraft 2. I really planned on getting the game at launch, but just wasn't into PC games when it launched. I played the campaign thoroughly (at least 4 times). I worked really hard to beat it on the hardest difficulty and earned the Kerrigan portrait. The expansion is due out sometime this year (hopefully), and to kill time I started playing online. There was one thing I learned, random teams typically lead to some pretty hard core trolling.

I mainly play multiplayer to earn the achievements. I love achievements. I feel they add so much value to the game. I've been working really hard to earn several 2v2 achievements after earning all the 3v3 achievements. I'd get hated on occasionally in 3v3 if I did something stupid. I've learned two things in 2v2 random teams in Silver leage. Your teammate will always want to rush and they will always blame you if their rush fails and you lose the game.

I've had two pretty bad instances in the past three days. You're always told to not let other people judge you and the whole "stick n stones" babble. I lost sleep in both of these cases. I just have a hard time believing people can be so hateful over a video game.

Last night I had a teammate leave the game and had sent me 15 extremely hateful and vulgar messages by the time I left the game several minutes later. Did I lose the game for the team? Most likely. I know I'm not the greatest, but I was actually having fun during the game. I'm a firm believer that you only get better by getting your butt kicked and learning from your mistakes.

I love Starcraft. It's one of the few games that is a very friendly spectator sport and requires a great deal of skill in multiple areas to be good at it. Every match is different and it never gets old. The game loses all of it's fun with all the raging and hate on the ladder. I'll still keep playing, but it's saddening I have to avoid about half of the game features to avoid trolls.

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