Daniel Worthy

Hey, I'm Daniel Worthy and I like to build stuff.

I am a web application developer out of Northwest Arkansas. I enjoy programming, woodworking, gaming, and being a dad.

I Like To Code

Tech Stack

I have a pretty broad tech stack over my career. I primarily focus on the middle tier of web applications. I jump between JavaScript and Asp.Net MVC pretty frequently.


Tech Blog

I've enjoyed blogging since 2003. I've be been tech and geek blogging since around 2010.

It's pretty inactive at the moment, but I plan to ramp it back up when I finish teaching.


Youtube Tutorials

I've done a couple of YouTube series on several topics. Want to learn PSD to HTML or some JavaScript? Check out my channel.

YouTube Channel

Speaking Engagements

I occasionally step out of my comfort zone and speak at local tech conferences.

I'm always looking for opportunities meet new people and engage in meaningful conversations.

Steam Achievement Tracker

I really enjoy earning achievements when gaming. They encourage challenges in game and introduce new ways to play.

I couldn't find a good solution for tracking achievements in Steam games so I wrote a Windows Universal App. I'm currently working on a web version of the app in my limited spare time.

Tracker Website


I game when I can. My habits and tastes have evolved over the years. I spend most of my time playing Destiny 2 solo and LEGO games with my kids.